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5 Wolverhampton Restaurants to Order Takeaway From

food from the hidden chef

This far into lockdown, sharing some grub and a few drinks with friends in a romantic restaurant or a cosy cafe seems a lifetime away, a hazy dream-sequence from the distant past. We have long given up on chosing whether to conjure up yet another resourceful meal with the scraps of food we scrounged after…

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5 Wolverhampton Businesses to support in lockdown

crafty happenings shop front

Wolverhampton might be a small city but it’s got a wealth of independent businesses and niche, small shops surrounding the city. At the end of 2019 we did a round up of the Top 5 Independent Business in Wolverhampton. Now, with Coronavirus sweeping the nation, and small businesses struggling more than ever, we thought we’d…

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10 tips for Space Optimisation in a Studio Flat

wooden unmade bed and bedside table

How to keep organised in an Apartment If you have just rented your first property in a city centre somewhere, chances are it is a Studio Flat. These residences are convenient, as they are usually quite central, and a cheaper alternative to renting a one-bedroom place. However, living in one room can seem quite daunting…

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How to keep busy in a studio flat during COVID-19

woman working from home in a studio flat

The current unprecedented times have caused major disruption to all our lives in some way. In line with the Government advice for us all to stay at home, it is important to find ways to keep positive and maintain good mental health. Read some of our tips on ways to occupy yourself, even in a…

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Tips on achieving a successful life/gym balance

the gym at the studios24

It’s one thing to make a commitment to regular workouts and a regimented meal plan, but it’s another thing completely to stick to these commitments. And with January often being the month wherein well-intentioned resolution-makers flock to the gyms in droves, they are often noticeable by their absence by February. Trying to break and build…

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5 Independent Wolverhampton businesses to check out in 2020

two coffees and a coke

It’s finally here- the new decade. Whilst 2019 was certainly a turbulent time for many, it was especially notable for the retail industry- with it seeing sales fall for the first time in 25 years. With many eyes in Wolverhampton falling on the much-delayed Westside Development (with work projected to pick up momentum this year),…

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Christmas in the West Midlands- top trips out.

man frying a sausage

Isn’t Christmas a funny time of the year? With so much going on and only so many days in the month, it can be easy to get lost in a wilderness of commitments and social obligations. Whether it be work parties, catching up with family and friends, or cramming in the last-minute Xmas shop- before…

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What is co-living?

fuseball in the Lounge

and any other questions you might have… We live in an extraordinarily busy world- everywhere one goes there is stimuli. Whether it be the persistent propaganda of the high-street billboard, the caterwaulic clamour of commuter conversation, or the incessant pinging of an Instagram inbox. It is the age of the digital nomad and of the…

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7th floor studios now available at The Studios24!

new seventh floor kitchen

Check out our new Deluxe Flat Just in time to see in the new year, we are proud to offer up another floor of incredible accommodation here at The Studios24. With increased storage space, larger en-suite facilities and incredible views, these latest offerings are sure to fill up fast! With inner-city accommodation becoming increasingly expensive,…

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How The Studios24 helps professionals flourish

the studios 24 towel

Co-Living in Wolverhampton In an increasingly competitive job market, not every opportunity lies on the doorstep. Relocating for a new position is a dilemma that many ambitious professionals will face in their lifetime, and with it comes the issue of finding the ideal accommodation. Contract lengths, furnishings, choosing to live alone or with others, location…

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